About OSBD

OSBD has its roots back in the pre-digital mid 1990s.

Back then Pip, OSBD’s director, was a Church youth worker who found himself helping young people to develop their creativity around making short films – one of those being Jon Miles who is now a Trustee. Over time, OSBD developed into a world-class media charity and was formally incorporated and established as a charity in 2001. Over the next several years OSBD worked alongside young people enabling and training as well as creating numerous short films and documentaries. Its innovative Images for Worship visual series and Talk Trigger video pieces had a big impact. OSBD was also commissioned by other charities and NGOs to make documentaries about their work, taking them as far afield as South America and the Ukraine.

OSBD ran two Breathe Film Festivals, exploring spirituality in film, and brought together fresh innovators in contemporary culture from around the world for its ground breaking Not Drowning Waving conferences. Much respect should be paid to those who worked tirelessly alongside Pip, those being Rob Taylor, Tim Dendy, Debbie Piper, Rob Purbrick, Sarah Green and many others who served as trustees. Sarah continues to be the longest-serving person, alongside Pip.

Some years ago OSBD decreased some of its activity as Pip and Rob Taylor developed Blue Hippo Media, a company that set it sights on making bigger stories for the big screen. Over the past 6 years BHM has made 5 feature films, many of which have been screened in cinemas and on TV and global VOD platforms.


New era, new Dog

Over the past several months Pip has felt increasingly that 'The Dog' has new work to do, both building on previous work but also into new areas. Building on the experience and expertise he and others have gained whilst making feature films commercially OSBD now wants to push forward and try to have an even bigger and more meaningful impact.We are actively seeking partners who share these aims and ethos who can help us make that impact.

  • OSBD aims to help inspire and develop emerging filmmakers.

  • OSBD aims to create films that matter.

Pip Piper   Director

Pip Piper


Laurence Sharman   Chair of Trustees

Laurence Sharman

Chair of Trustees

Sarah Green   Producer and Admin

Sarah Green

Producer and Admin

Mike Riddell   Patron

Mike Riddell